SIYI A8 mini 4K AI Mini Zoom Gimbal Camera - AI Identify & Tracking, 4K 1/1.7-inch 8MP Sony Sensor, 6X Zoom

Not yet, as far as I can test with the latest camera/Gimbal firmware.

Hello, there is news about the 1080P H264 or H265 Ethernet output?

we absolutely need this feature.

Also can we change the auto exposure feature? when there is sun the white are too strong, and we cannot see the QR CODES …

Maybe if we can set center point for the exposure results will be betters.

We also Test to output in H265 and nothing happens.
Can you give us the rtsp for H265?

Thanks you for your help.

Cheap A8 mini gimbal fix))))


can you show how you disassembled the A8 from the gimbal?

I like A8 as device. Size, weight, price…
Video is good. But. Gimball.
New SW not fixed troubles.
Topotek have no problem with gimball
But video streaming and AF… size and weight…

@SIYI , in static mode A8 is ok now. But when copter fly you have vibrations, pulsing wind, copter stabilizing system errors, deviations and other bad things.
In summary with controll commands it makes your gimball crazy.

Is it possible to send “gimball reset” command via Sbus or UART?

Is it possible to continuously pan camera between +160 degree and -160 degree? I have the camera setup, i just need it to continuously pan in order to observe a location.
I have previously modified QGC, will the camera accept mavlink commands asking it to pan from the GCS?

Just remove caps with knife everywhere and use screwdriver to dissasemble it.
The best solution now is to replace gimbal controller to another one with leaving original motors

hey. Just wondering what are you using for video transmision on your x500 v2? I recently got a herelink and the siyi A8 mini and want to mount in this frame.
Also, what battery type do you use? 4S for powering everything on the frame?

Hi, i got my camera few days back, i hooked it up to 12V from MATEK UBEC i worked fine for the first time but when i attached it to my drone, Now when i plug it, it don’t follow the motions. It seems to be in Lock mode though i changed the mode to Follow from SIYI assistant. Can anyone help me resolve the issue.

heres a link for video of it…Plz help me resolve the problem

That’s what mine is doing after upgrades

@abdullahafzal9 @Renn
Please send us a video right shooting at the gimbal when it is powered up. We need to see how the gimbal reacts when it is just powered. Thanks

@SIYI Sure Here a link to the video,

Gimbal indicator is green solid, please double check S.Bus signal input.
If S.Bus input is normal, gimbal indicator should be blinking slowly.

Same happens in flight sometimes… can you fix that?

using SIYI assistant i cant change streaming resolution to Full HD. after changing this setting and save settings. The a8 mini switches the resolution to HD (720p).

Hi there @SIYI ,
UPDATE: I have installed the new firmware 1.9 (camera) and 2.7 (grimbal).
The camera works fine.
The gimbal doesn’t work. It doesn’t move.
When I put back the old firmware for grimbal (2.2), it works.
Can you give me a solution?

Can you share that 2.2 file? I am having the same problem after I tried to upgrade to 2.7 and then downgrade to 2.5

here’s the firmware file:
A8 mini Gimbal Firmware v0.2.2 svn6483 2022-02-23.bin (162.6 KB)

On the other hand, we don’t have the improvements in version 2.7.

@SIYI, do you have a solution?

I noticed in Siyi assistant 1.3.4, the gyroscope (degree/s)
X Y Z Mod is at nan when I update the firmware to 2.7 in gimbal config.

My boot program is 0.2.0.

The camera zoom currently works with SBUS.

Will there be any update such that I can control zoom, focus from telemetry(UART) ?
Thank you

For UART control you need to work on SDK or Ardupilot driver.
Please have a check of the latest manual and it shows you both ways.