SIYI A8 for gimbal/camera control testing

Topic:Siyi A8 for flight code testing and development

Proposal type: Hardware [x]


@peterbarker very often does weekend testing of various new features. It would be very helpful if he could get a SIYI A8 in order to help test the ongoing gimbal and camera improvements that I’m working on (a recent example PR is here).

In a more general sense aerial photography (including mapping) is one of the core use cases of AP so it makes sense for developers to equip their vehicles with a camera and gimbal. The SIYI A8 is a good choice because it is relatively inexpensive, small enough to fit on nearly any vehicle and has all the basic controls we need for testing including 3-axis gimbal (including nearly 360 deg yaw) and a camera with features including take-picture, record-video, zoom, etc.

This will also likely help double check the QGC enhancements (see related already approved funding request)

Planned amount $$ (USD):$350

Estimated time for completion: 1 month