[APPROVED] Siyi A8 for GCS gimbal/camera control development

Topic: Siyi A8 for GCS gimbal/camera control development

Proposal type: Hardware [x]


David Sastresas ( @david_sastre ) is working on a gimbal control screen for QGC and it would be very useful if he had a gimbal with a built-in camera so that he can test the camera controls including zoom, focus, take-picture, record-video. I think the Siyi A8 is a good inexpensive gimbal/camera.

This is a follow-up to this approved funding proposal

Planned amount $$ (USD): $350

Estimated time for completion: 1 month


approved by the @Funding_Team


not related to funding but I have a siyi ZR10 and a siyi mk32 with QGC. If @david_sastre needs any external testing I would love to throw a hand

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Thank you!

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