Siyi A8 CAM1_TYPE, copter 4.3.6 SpeedyBee F405 V

Hello, I followed the manual arducopter SIYI A8 (SIYI ZR10, ZR30 and A8 Gimbals — Copter documentation). After connecting (photo below - UART3) and following instruction, I don’t see the param CAM1_TYPE to set 4 (Mount / Siyi) to allow control of the camera. I have a SpeedyBee F405 V3 controller with 4.3.6 firmware. Could you help me with this problem?

I’m guessing its not compiled in since this is a 1Mb board - try using the custom build server

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Thank u! I tried connect all using Matek H743-SLIM V3 and it works, cos this flight controller has 2MB flash memory. Also I can control camera by using protocol SBUS from Crossfire. Have a nice day

hello, I don’t see this param too, so I can’t control the camera.
Currently, I’m using the ardupilot v4.3.5 with pixhawk2