SITL joystick bug on Mission Planner(QuadPlane)


I run SITL by following method :

clone ardupilot folder on window WSL ubuntu, and ran below command :

drone@XXXXX-XXXXX:~/ardupilot/Rover$ Rover -A “–serial0=udpclient:” --no-mavproxy --custom-location=“-2.35970,-173.7070,0,0”

drone@XXXXX-XXXXX:~/ardupilot/ArduPlane$ quadplane -A “–serial0=udpclient:” --no-mavproxy --custom-location=“-2.35970,-173.7070,0,0”

it seems to run well,

but when I use joystick, it does not respond.

it is not my setting fault because in manual mode or fixed wing mode I can control the airplane. and I used joystick with actual aircraft many times. it is not the setting fault of me.

only in quadplane mode, it does not respond to joystick.

Weird thing is, I can arm the quadplane with joystick,

but I can’t disarm the quadplane with joystick.

When I arm the drone at fixed wing mode and change to QHover at 100m altitude,

Joystick works like fixed wing mode although it is in QHover mode.

so it is not the joystick setting problem, it is something weird thing.