Single-motor tailsitter VTOL

I’m desigining a UAV for survey and aerial photography, and I was looking at the possibility of making it VTOL-capable. This is for a few reasons, chief among them the ability to try wing geometries that would make landing difficult, and the versatility of being able to operate from places without suitable landing areas. To limit complexity and weight (and also noise, because of some of the intended missions for this aircraft), the plan is to have just a single motor with control surfaces in its wash so that they have authority at zero airspeed, and use them for manoeuvring in hover.

I’ve had a look through the Plane docs and other discussions on this forum, and I can’t find much specific support for this configuration. Most of the discussion of tailsitter VTOL seems to assume at least two motors. Is there anything specific that I would have to do to enable this configuration?

Single motor tailsitters appear to be supported…

The documentation is a little open to the single/dual motor config.