Single motor tailsitter with elevons

I am working on a single motor tailsitter with elevons. I want to take off in qstablize and I am not getting any throttle. I press the arming button and the servos work but no throttle. all conventional flight modes have working throttle just none of the quad plane modes. Does this have to do with running one motor or am I missing an arming step specific to Quad?

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single motor will work, although you’ll need a rudder to be able to hover properly. Without a rudder you will be missing one axis of control. Also, the elevons will need to be in the prop-wash to be effective. See the videos I’ve done for hovering my AddictionX 3D plane for how it can work.
If you post a log we may be able to work out why you can’t start the motors
Cheers, Tridge

Thanks for the quick reply. it does have a rudder and the elevons are in
the prop-wash. I got the throttle to work by using RCPassThru but, I would
like to get it working the correct way. I will try to get a log file

Here is the log file hopefully I have done it correctly I’ve never
downloaded one before.

1 1-1-2000 9-09-14 AM.bin (3.78 MB)

I notice you have arming checks disabled, and you’re flying without a GPS. We don’t actually support that at the moment, although that isn’t why the motors doesn’t work.
The reason the motors don’t start in Q modes is you have ARMING_REQUIRE=0, which won’t work for the quadplane code. You must go through an arming step with all the VTOL modes.
Cheers, Tridge

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Thanks I’ll try changing some of the arming parameters and see if it works.

I just started to work on a single motor single prop tailsitter. Could you let me know where to find proper airframe for this tailsitter?
Would also appreciate it if you could share some tips that would make my setup easy. What to watch for, what to avoid etc

Apologize for cutting in but could not find a better place for this question:
Is there a setup for a Non Vectored Single Motor Tailsitter that uses all four control surfaces to counter the torque from the motor?
I have a two rudder system. One rudder above and one rudder below fuselage with independent servos for each. Elevons and rudders are close to the fuselage so I’d really like to use the rudders for countering motor torque too. This would help the elevons.

I am interested in single motor plane, could you please upload your parameters file.