Simple Object Avoidance with 360 lidar

Hi guys,

I would be please to get some advise about parameters setting for Simple Object avoidance.
I need to use a drone to follow building walls without hitting them. Because of some holes and or windows on this buildings, i choose a 360 lidar ref RPLIDAR A2 (to be able to detect the windows borders when aligned with a hole)

I already configured the Pixhawk to use the Lidar and have some questions about advanced features :
How can i define a specific detection area ?
I saw on this page of the Wiki that the 360 area could be divided in 8 sectors and that these sectors could be used or ignored by the drone. In my case i would be please to use only the 135 degrees front sector (sector 1+2+8) but i can not find how to deactivate the not needed ones.

Can we define the range detection manually in the parameters ?
In other words, can we exclude objects detections in a specific distance from the lidar? to avoid detecting a GPS mast or something like that (very close to the lidar) eg: i want to detect dangers from 1m to 5m.

Thank you in advance !

Thanks to someone i had a part of the answer
The parameters to setup seems to be PRX_YAW_CORR + PRX_IGN_ANG + PRX_IGN_WID but i can’t find any instruction to help me in the configuration process.
@rmackay9, did you documented this somewhere ?

Thanks in advance

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Julien, you’ll definitely need a companion computer for running SLAM.
I pretty sure a STM32F4 doesn’t have the resources for both flight and location awareness.

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I’m having troubles getting the 360 lidar to hook up to ardupilot. I spliced the correct connector for the lidar to hook up to the pixhawk but Ardupilot isn’t hooking up to the sensor. Any suggestions?