Simple Mode activation question

Quick Question to the mindhive for some assistance.
I have read the wiki on simple and super simple and since i have never had much need of it in the past i had never used it, but at the moment i find my self in need for a very specific task for simple mode.
As the wiki say the copter on single mode will the vehicle will have it pitch and roll controls based on its heading during arm. Does this means that if i take off heading north(as the wiki example)and fly away and start heading east and after that activate simple mode, will my new pitch be north again? (essentialy my left roll will be the new pitch)
If yes, is there a way to configure that the simple mode take as heading, the one i had at the moment i activated the simple mode switch?
Thank you for all your replies.

The heading it’s on when it arms will be pitch stick up forward in that direction with Simple Mode on regardless of it’s heading when you activate it. Don’t think of it as pitch and roll on the craft just stick movement and craft direction from armed heading.

Though so, but i am looking if the is a way that simple mode heading is activated at the moment simple mode is turned on and not when copter is armed.
Thank you for the reply.

I don’t think so. No way to reset the armed heading as far as I know.