Command not found

I am having the problem running --map --console

I am using sitl and MAVProxy on Windows system and set the path as required. in the /autotest directory there is file though.

I tried copying the same file again in the /arduplane directory and then ran the above command but no success.

it says -bash: command not found

@ujjwalrathod007 if the command is not found when run from /ArduPlane folder, you likely don’t have the python path setup correctly. alternatively you can run ./ from /Tools/autotest, in this case you’ll need to add an argument to specify which vehicle to build though.


From the ardupilot/ArduPlane directory, try this:

../Tools/autotest/ --map --console
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Tried but saying "run FATAL: Could not start E:\Research\GitHub\Ardupilot\ardupilot\Tools\autotest\ --map --console "