SIM_SPEEDUP strange behavior

Hello everyone,

i’m facing an issue when setting the SIM_SPEEDUP parameter. if i put a value of 3 / 4 the parameters acts normally. but the simulation speed is still slow for me. Whenever i try to set a value greater then 5 i find myself with a message saying " Disarming motors ". my questions are

Is the SIM_SPEEDUP parameter influencing the drone itself in any way ?
and how can i speed up the simulation time ?

having enough resources ( RAM and CPU ) i would like to take full advantage of them to have the results faster.

The same thing happens to me sometimes, I think it’s because if you “arm throttle” you have a 15 second window where you can “takeoff”. So if you speed up the simulation you also speed the time window between arming the copter and taking off. I got around this problem by using a ground control station (Dronekit) that could send the information quickly.