SIK radio issue

I posted this in the mission planner category earlier but had no response, so I figured this might be a better location.
I just received a pixhawk 2.4.8 with a 915MHZ radio telemetry module. After plugging it in to my laptop and turning on the pixhawk windows wouldn’t recognize the telemetry module. After a great deal of trouble with drivers I manged to get my PC to detect the usb side of the telemetry as a COM. I figured this would be the end of it and the thing would work properly. The telemetries seems to be communicating with each other since I can load settings and upload firmware via the initial setup tab of mission planner but whenever I try and connect to the pixhawk I get a ‘no heart beat packet received’ error. My baud rate is correctly set at 57 and I can communicate with the board through a direct usb connection, so i’m not sure what the cause of the error is stemming from.

Could this still just be a driver issue, or is it related to my hardware/FC? Does anyone have experience with this issue or no how to resolve it?


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I updated to latest beta downloaded those drives that you linked and cleaned the drivers already installed. Unfortunately the problem still persists.

As you can see I seem to be able to load settings off off the transmitter connected to the FC (or at least that is what I think is going on) but when I try to connect I still get a timeout error. When I load the settings the USB telemetry module continuously blinks green and the red led flickers on and off several times briefly but I don’t see anything other than a blinking green led on the FC side of the telemetry. When I try and connect, the red led only blinks once on the usb side and the green led continuously blinks.

You need to confirm that the air radio (remote) also has V2.0. If it has V1.9 it will not work with the ground radio at V2.0. Did you by chance update the ground radio firmware? Assuming the air radio doesn’t have a USB port do you have an FTDI adapter?

Also you need to be disconnected when trying to load the settings from both radios. Do that 1st.

I don’t believe that I updated it (although it could be possible when I was trouble shooting). how would I go about checking the firmware version on the radio? I don’t have an FTDI adapter but would it be possible just to downgrade the ground radio firmware or somehow update it through the usb connection to the FC?

Disconnect and then press “load settings”. In the mean time read thru this thread. I attached the V1.9 firmware in one of the posts if that’s the route you decide to take.