Shutting off throttle/propeller

I’m running a veegull RC glider plane in a SITL configuration with XPlane10, and am noticing that I can’t decrease the throttle (propeller) below 0.1 parts.

Even if I edit the ardupilot build and plane.set guided_state.forced_throttle to 0 in the guided mode function, the propeller never full stops spinning. I can also hear the motor running ever so slightly.

I’ve seen the propeller fully cut off before, so I know it’s possible to just glide silently, but am not sure how to achieve this in the build code. Perhaps someone else knows what I’m missing here?

The parameters MOT_SPIN_MIN and MOT_SPIN_ARM control the minimal throttle values in flight, with these set to 0 you should be able to glide with the motor 100% off

Oh thank you, that sounds promising. Would you know how to access these variables in the build code, or what module they would be found in? It doesn’t look like they are part of the plane object.

Ignore my last reply, those are parameters for arducopter not arduplane, very easy to mix the two up. I guess part of the difficulty here is the aircraft being virtual. I would maybe try decreasing the relevant RC channel minimum value - default is 1100, maybe the virtual ‘esc’ works down to 1000?

The parameter in question here being RCx_MIN, where x is your throttle channel

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