Showing other UAVs in my OSD

Not sure if this is the right spot to post, but I’ll try here as it probably applies more to planes then the others.

So, if I am flying with other airplanes running Ardupilot, is there a way to have their positional data displayed on my OSD? or in Mission Planner?

I have no experience trying this… but perhaps this could help?

Maybe someone who has experience running multiple vehicles on one GCS could comment further?

I saw the “Multi vehicle flying” video, however what I am looking for is slightly different. the Multi vehicle flying video was using only 1 instance of Mission Planner, and one operator was controlling all three. What I am looking for is a way for multiple UAVs, with separate Ground Stations and pilots, to share positional data with each other.

I was taking a looking at MAVProxy, and possibly having the RaspberryPi of one MAVProxy instances collect data from the other ground stations. MyFlyDream has this, and is called FlyTogether, and I think Eagle Tree may be working on something similar. Ultimate goal would be to have MAVProxy and a RaspberryPi accept input from many different types of ground stations and share positional data with all. It probably only has a purpose as a FPV feature, as it would help tremendously with tandem flying.