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Show off pictures of your area from your SkyViper!

(Sean Stevens) #1

I would like to see other cities or areas you fly your v2450gps.


Welcome . . . and that sure looks like out around Metairie in the morning? Perhaps we can have a contest? Name your location?

(Sean Stevens) #3

What’s up man, Good job at spelling Metairie and good guess but no, this would be further south of the city. On that Westbank, boarder of Gretna/Belle Chasse area. You live down here also?

(Dude) #4

Ok, using the SV cam I’m just south east of here …



@djfickle . . . I was over there, now I’m over here . . . Drone Surfing SPI


@Dude . . . Jello . . . the official state snack of Utah

(Lee horscroft) #7

(Sean Stevens) #8

On the coast with this pic, would this be in the bay area, west coast?

(Sean Stevens) #9

Just saw the SPI, your in the great state of Texas. I have family that live in Webster.

(Sean Stevens) #10

That looks like a great big place to fly, I bet you don’t hear shit from some of the neighbors about flying your drone. Some of mine are not to happy with mine.


Have 'em take a chill-pill . . . or fly after 10:00 pm when they are in bed?
It could be one of these! :shushing_face:

( .) #12

Show them the quality of the video…then they’ll leave you alone lol



(20 characters . . )

(Joe Dennis) #14

(Joe Dennis) #15

( .) #16

Is that the Chattanooga choo choo turn house?

(Joe Dennis) #17

Haha Close Halifax NS here is youtube channel link nothing special but check out if interested

(Jerry Ginn) #18

Hear is a view from 500ft between rain showers.

( .) #19

Night Flight after finally fixing radio signal loss!

(Danger Uss Mort) #20

I’m relatively new to flying and it was my first time using the skyviper but I think it did really well!