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Show off pictures of your area from your SkyViper!

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Add some excitement.

Download “Tower” or QGroundControl on your phone and connect to the SV with it.

Set these parameters appropriately.

Then take off and set mode to Circle. Use the Yaw to keep your subjects in the center and get a nice video shot.


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Also, try Throw mode.

(Danger Uss Mort) #23

Awesome! Will do! I’m very glad I found this forum and looking forward to getting/sharing tips from the community. Appreciate the tip my friend!

(Andrew) #24

Falcon Heights, MN
I’m still amazed that the SV2450gps actually flies Tower missions. Ardupilot, who knew?

(Andrew) #25

Throw mode is a mind-blower.

How does it know what to do?

(Andrew) #26

newly-constructed Hall’s Island in the Mississippi River, Minneapolis MN

(J GN) #27

Sacramento, CA

(Tim Gilley) #28

150’ Spring Hill, TN

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Great shot!! I wish I coulda gotten up last night before the storm hit. The storm clouds were amazing! Lighting was perfect for the SV’s sensor too.

BTW, ditch those prop guards :wink: Those props are almost indestructable (many of us have unofficially tried) You’ll find it handles much better also.

(Joe Dennis) #30

I agree prop guards are just parasitic drag .My experience with skyviper says The motors and gears will be destroyed long before any real damage will occur to props.

(Andrew) #31

East River Flats, Minneapolis, MN
multi-ROI mission

(Tim Gilley) #32

Thanks. I’m used to flying 3DR Solo without guards. Don’t particularly like them anyway–they’re gone.

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(Joe Dennis) #35

Lots of lift in hot air today ,was 34 C or 95 F here in Halifax NS , got drone up too 609’ nice view of Bedford basin

(Andrew) #36

I wish the 2450’s camera were better but I do like the lens flare.

(Andrew) #37

Donald Park, Dane Co. WI
42.952470, -89.669794

(Tim Gilley) #38

I agree. The props are indestructible, but the gears not so much. After snagging tree branches a couple times I’ve stripped the front right prop gear. I bought a SV on ebay for parts and replaced the gear. I need to shim the motor for improved gear mesh. I’ve learned to hit the kill button pretty quick if things get out of hand. A ‘short’ fall doesn’t seem to do any harm.

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Ditto here. I emailed their support about a ETA for the gears and actually got a message back saying there is not estimated time for restock.

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These SV’s weren’t really engineered to be used for as long as we’re pushing them. No matter how many replacement parts you get, the plastic shaft for the large gear will wear out over time and cause it to wobble. There’s really nothing you can do about that. It probably should have been a metal shaft.

I still love them though. There at the right price point.

(Joe Dennis) #41

Yesterday afternoon , there was a brush fire in the Ravine about 400-500 yards from were I live . That luckly the fire dpt. was able to quickly get a hose line around and stop quickly . So after supper I decided to launch SV on a quick survey of the area to see if I could capture the location fire area. Drew up quick mission with Tower on my Table with 20 waypoints and a couple of 60 and 100ft circles at 125 ’ altitude t and headed out to local park to launch . Total distance flown was 1.6 miles time little over 10 mins Viper went to Critical battery just as it was landing . Simply amazing for a $ 100 “toy drone” Check out video here;