Sharing battery

As I get deeper into building this rover I find that I need batteries for esc x 2, pixhawk, receiver, raspberry pi, at least so that’s 5 things. I looked around for a power module that has plugs but all I can find is one where you need to solder. Anyone recommend something that I can say plug the other end of the APM power module into and then take several feeds off it? Other wise my rover will be full of little lipo batteries all needing charging at some time.

Pixhawk and receiver operate of the power module. The two ESC plug into the heavy wires coming of the power module. So if you want to add programmable BEC’s you will need to solder a little or use buss bars.

Thanks David. I took everyone’s advice and bought the inexpensive transmitter receiver. I also got a good feedback from a company called wheelspin RC and bought two escs from them Items Ordered:
2 x #HW30120000 - Hobbywing QUICRUN 1625 25A Waterproof Mini Brushed ESC. When they arrive next week I will rebuild the rover, take out the l298n bridge that doesn’t work with Pixhawk and rebuild it all with these added and see how my power needs pan out. who knows despite the bad weather I may get to do a small run test at least using the transmitter if not yet the GPS. I will report on results.