Severe instability after switching to RTL or Land

The drone is single copter that requires high P gain in PID.
It flies quite fine in Stabilize mode, but when switched to RTL or Land it goes haywire and crushes.
Are there separate parameters for flying in Stabilize and separate for RTL or Land?
It appears that Land and RTL use different PID becase when I switch back to Stabizie-AltHold and do nothing it regains stability.
I have reduced WPNAV_ACCEL to 50 but it did not help.
Any idea what I should do?

I’m attaching two log files:

  1. One with Land mode - I switched back to Stabilize or AltHold, recovered and landed but in the end of the log I attempted to take off but got tangled in grass and flipped the copter over.
  2. One with RTL. I did switch back to Stabilize or AltHold but was too low to recover. (637.5 KB)

No Logs, no cookie :slight_smile:

I attached links - see the original message please.

Hi, for log file it is required to be shared by your Google drive or Dropbox