Setup problem with throttle

I’m having a little problem I can’t figure out.
I mounted the Pixhawk 2.4.8 in my new plane. Latest firmware.
First I tested the servos and motors before I mounted them.
I can arm and everything works as expected except the throttle. No throttle.
The Taranis says there’s a throttle, Channel 3, In Mission Planner the radio calibration works. Failsafe sees the throttle. But the Servo Output does not see channel 3. What am I missing.
Thank You

Does the

Does the motor work normally if you connect the esc lead coming from the motor directly to the receiver (i.e. if you bypass the pixhawk)?

This thread may also help

Thanks Jeff, I’ll check that tomorrow.

I had actually hooked up the motor directly to the receiver before, but I had done so many things that I couldn’t remember exactly what the outcome was.
It worked, so I hooked everything back up to the Pixhawk, put the plane back together, (This is an Albabird twin motor plane that comes apart for travel) and everything works great.
I have no idea what the problem was. I hate that when that happens. I had to work thru a few things to get it together, so who knows. Sometimes it’s that way when you build out of your parts bin. I’m off on the road again so the maiden will have to wait.
Thanks again

Great to hear - don’t forget to also check out the plane setup/tuning pages

Thanks again Jeff,
395 used to be my favorite way to go back and forth from north to south until I got this big rig. Now there are just too many ups and downs.
Take care and stay safe