Setup OSD5/6 screen parameters

I want to find the way to manage the OSD / CRSF Parameters screen from the Mission Planner.
Eventually I would like to extend the MP’s Onboard ODS editor to setup the screen items in WYSIWYG manner.

Now in PM the OSD5/6 screens are only could be setup via raw settings, but the main settings (GRP, IDX, TYPE) are magic:

There are also another ways to configure. Though this also doesn’t look very user friendly.

So the questions are:

  1. Is it possible to know GRP and KEY of any parameter on MP side? Is this information is passed with mavlink or it’s internal to FC?
  2. Where can I see how MavProxy does the osd param-set action?


So did further investigation, also thanks to @Michael_Oborne for the pieces of code were done in ConfigOSD: osd params · ArduPilot/MissionPlanner@95c1539 · GitHub

There is still work in progress to extend MissionPlanner’s OSD functionality.
Currently the results are:

  1. Added OSD5 & OSD6 screens, with generic capabilities, same as for OSD1-4

  2. But it is technically hard to extend the editor with a human-friendly capability to change the parameter assigned to OSD slot. Thus the additional screen was added, where user can assign parameter to an OSD5/6 slot:

Does that looks good?