Setup for SingleCopter with petrol motor

I’m running Arducopter V3.6 on a PixHawk.When I set SERVO5_FUNCTION to option “0”,SERVO5_REVERSED to option “1”(without rebooting),it appears change,but Not effective ,When the throttle goes up,the servo should turn right,but not, it still turn left, nothing seems to work. And then I Rebooted,it is not effective.
Servo1 ,Servo2, Servo3, Servo4 are OK.
Servo5 and Servo6 are not effecitive.
Is it a Bug or I do wrong?


Can you explain a bit more what you’re trying to do? Are you attempting to control the servo output from the transmitter?

Yes.I’m trying to change throttle channel ( servo 5 )output,I am attempting to control the servo output from the transmitter , not control the ESC output.

ok this is “manual pass through” then. I think it would be good to set SERVO5_FUNCTION = 55 (“rcin 5”). This will make the input channel 5 flow out on servo output 5. If instead you’d like input channel 6 to go out on servo output 5 set SERVO5_FUNCTION = 56.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Sorry my terrible english, I can’t describe my problems correctly. I describe my question again.
We are playing gasoline engine singlecopter (not electric), we hope SERVO 5 output can control engine throttle servo (not control the ESC,like now).
if it is possilbe to give one more option on SERVO5, for more people who are playing gasoline engine singlecopter.
1、control the ESC (like now)
2、control engine throttle servo (add one more option)
I think it is a commom question for the players playing gasoline engine singlecopter.

Looking forward to your reply and resolution.


OK, I’ve added a to-do item to our wiki issues list to add an explanation for setting up an ICE engine with multicopters. It’s definitely been done but not by me so I’m not sure how it should work.

It’s possible that it may work if SERVOx_FUNCTION = 81 (boost_throttle). This is how it was done with a petro tricopter.

@Buzz, you’ve setup an ICE engine with a multicopter right? Can you explain how it was done?

In our case, with 6 ICE engines configured as a hexa, we connect the throttle servo on each ICE to the PWM channel that would normally go to the ESC in an electric. Yaw is not handled in the usual hexa way, more like a tricopter, as the motors are all rotating the same way.
Also… we wrote a custom motors library for this that isn’t in master yet, so it’s definitely not just plug-n-play

Thanks for the reply.
Would you please tell me when will the explanation be available?
I set SERVO5_FUNCTION=81, nothing changed.

Thanks for the reply. I think the custom motors library you wrote may solve the problems.
Would you please tell me where I can find this library?
Looking forward to your reply.