Setting up esc telemetry for hobbywing x9 plus combo power system(hexa) + cubeOrange+

hello greetings,
i have hexacopter running arducopter 4.2.3 with CubeOrange+ and hobbbywing x9plus propultion system.
it has tx out wire from the esc, i have connected to it to the gps1 serial port and changed the protocol and baud rate accordingly,
but i was unsuccessful at configuring it correctly.
manufacturer has provided these data sheets below,
2022-4-18HW-FOC Communication.pdf (46.6 KB)
Combo_XRotor X9-PLUS_Technical Parameters_Propeller36x190.pdf (183.4 KB)

if anyone has experience in hobbywing combo propulsion system, any tips would be highly appreciate.
thank you
best regards.

I don’t think that is supported yet. AFAIK only one single ESC can be monitored. Complain to hobbywing, they should work together withe the community to extend support to multiple ESCs

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This has changed, it is fully supported now using a lua script.

Hi, I’ve been following this thread on telemetry from motors for a long time. Can you give me a hint on how I can implement it?



Hi Amilcar,

It “seems” Hobbywing uses the same logic with Tmotor datalink devs fiddling in another thread.

Do you think it will work or have heard anything?


Yes, should be the same

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I’ll give it a try and report back here