Setting up esc telemetry for hobbywing x9 plus combo power system(hexa) + cubeOrange+

hello greetings,
i have hexacopter running arducopter 4.2.3 with CubeOrange+ and hobbbywing x9plus propultion system.
it has tx out wire from the esc, i have connected to it to the gps1 serial port and changed the protocol and baud rate accordingly,
but i was unsuccessful at configuring it correctly.
manufacturer has provided these data sheets below,
2022-4-18HW-FOC Communication.pdf (46.6 KB)
Combo_XRotor X9-PLUS_Technical Parameters_Propeller36x190.pdf (183.4 KB)

if anyone has experience in hobbywing combo propulsion system, any tips would be highly appreciate.
thank you
best regards.

I don’t think that is supported yet. AFAIK only one single ESC can be monitored. Complain to hobbywing, they should work together withe the community to extend support to multiple ESCs