Setting the parameters

Hello, good afternoon, how are you?
I’m having some problems with a flight controller, (mRo x2.1) and I can’t fix the parameters on the board.
I can install the firmware via USB, but when I remove and try to raise the parameters via wifi, the card accepts, but when I restart the drone, it loses all parameter information.
Could someone tell me what’s going on, please? Could it be some fault in the SD card reader?
Thanks in advance for your attention!

parameters are not stored in the sdcard. What are you trying to do?

Hello Lucas, good morning, I’m setting up some drones for drone show.
And I had this problem in setting the parameters, when I disconnect the drone, it loses all parameter information.

What version of Arducopter?

The firmware version is 3.3.1 px4.

No idea what 3.3.1 is but if it’s the PX4 Flight Stack you are in the wrong forum.

PX4 has the same bug we had on ArduPilot.

hello, Have you fixed the problem? Now I also want to store the parameters in SD card. But the parameters will reset after each reboot. I am very appreciated that you can help me

It is as far as we know fixed in the latest stable release yes.

The parameters are not stored on the SD they are stored in memory on the Pixhawk or other flight controller. If you are modifying the parameters in a tool like Mission Planner you need to remember to “save” them to the flight controller before turning it off. You can copy the parameters and store them on a laptop for backup and review if you like.
The SD card is used to store logs so it is removable so you can process the logs on say a laptop. But the flight controller needs the parameters always stored where it can get to them.

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Hello Abner, good night, how are you?
I unfortunately did not find the cause of the problem, but what was happening was what you detailed, I put the parameters via CMD or MissionPlanner, the drone accepted, and when it restarted, it lost everything that was recorded.
The supplier has collected a sample piece, and we are expecting a position from them.

This is the answer to that. As has been stated a few times Parameters are not stored on the Sd card.

Copter 4.0.7rc1 6-Feb-2021
Changes from 4.0.6
1) added automatic backup/restore of parameters in case of FRAM corruption for F7/H7 boards with 32k FRAM parameter storage