Setting faster Speed + Acceleration in Guided Mode

Hello Guys,

I was trying to change the speed when using SetPosition Command in guided mode. the speed from one set position to other is super slow.

I tested changing the DO_CHANGE_SPEED , command was accepted but no change or reaction neither in SITL mavproxy and an skyviper quad.

i also tried the WPNAV in SITL mavproxy and saw no reaction.

i tried in quad skyviper changing some of the default values of WPNAV to double them but got strange behavior like lost stability i have to double check if it was due to that or something else just by chance.

Basicly for now i would like that the quad reaches the setposition as fastest as possible , any ideas or things to try for that ? what would be the right parameters or commands for that ?


Increase the ANGLE_MAX parameter (I have it at 4000 or 40°) and WPNAV_SPEED. I don’t use Guided mode much (just Auto) so maybe WPNAV_LOIT_SPEED is the significant parameter here. Not sure.

Hello Dave,

I did more testing and tweak the wpnav a bit more subtle and the param you suggested and got a bit faster movement. Still need to improve it but is a matter of try error values. Thank you ¡¡