Set Home Not Working?

Anyone else having problems setting home position in MP? The only way I can set home is by arming / disarming or rebooting. Any of the other methods in MP don’t work; right click > set home etc.

I’ve gone out specifically to test all the various methods and tried loads of combinations of actions but can’t get it to work.

This thread and GitHub issue seems to suggest there was an issue and now it’s fixed?

I’m running ArduRover 3.5.1 - MP 1.3.68

Am I missing something basic here or is there an issue?

Thanks in advance!

I’m pretty sure I’m running those same versions (the latest) and just last night right clicked and set home more than once with no trouble. So it isn’t a universal issue.

Hi Kenny

Thanks for your reply. I’ll have to repeat my experiments on another rig and see if I can duplicate the issue. Will report back with findings…