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Set expo for roll/pitch/yaw in ArduCopter rather than on TX?

(George Hawkins) #1

You can obviously set up expo for roll, pitch and yaw on your TX but I was wondering if it’s possible to set it up in ArduCopter with Mission Planner?

It doesn’t make a big difference whether you set it on the TX or in the flight controller software but it would seem to make slightly more sense to handle it in the flight controller software as handling it on the TX will result in some loss of resolution (if you think about how it has to map stick positions to the range of PPM values).

Flight controller software like Cleanflight and Betaflight do allow for setting expo via their respective configurators, e.g. here’s how it looks in the Cleanflight configurator:

I see there is an expo related parameter called ACRO_EXPO but that’s just relevant for the acro flight mode.

If setting expo were available as a general stick adjustment then I’d have expected to find it under Radio Calibration in Mission Planner or perhaps under Basic Tuning but there’s nothing obvious in either location.

Is it omitted for some deep reason, e.g. ArduCopter already applies some kind of expo values for all flight modes and doesn’t consider it appropriate to make these adjustable by end users? Or perhaps ArduCopter thinks expo setting is bad (some people seem to feel you should just learn to fly your sticks as they are)?

Or is it simply that ArduCopter feels expo setting is best handled on the TX and there’s no need to reproduce this functionality and add complexity within ArduCopter itself?