I am not able to double assign for example Motor1(33) to servofunction_1 and _2, even though this functionality shoud have come into exsistense with Copter 3.6. Am I doing something wrong?

Copter-3.5 (and earlier) do not support assigning the same function to multiple output channels but this feature will be present in Copter-3.6 (and higher).

What are my options here? Does anyone has an answer to this?

Same problem here.!
My setup looks as follows…:

The inner set of rudders(blue) as well as as both ESCs work just fine. They´re connected according to the instructions from ArduPilot(Servo 1 to Port 1 as Motor 1 and so on).
The problems start to occur as soon as the second board with that “servo rail” on it is connected and additional servos added.
Another 4 servos(red) should act according to their “inner”(blue) counterparts so I set their parameters to the same output with mostly the same result - the second servo either doing nothing at all or running into its maximum position to either one side.

-> How does one set the same output signal to two independent servos?

@ILL001, I’ve just tested this with 3.6.3-rc1 using a quadcopter and it appears to work.

Here are the steps I took during this bench test:

  • reset all vehicle parameters to defaults
  • set FRAME_CLASS = 1 (for quadcopter)
  • set SERVO1_FUNCTION = 33 (was already at this value)
  • set SERVO5_FUNCTION = 33
  • rebooted the flight controller and went back to check the SERVOx_FUNCTION values and I found that SERVO1_FUNCTION had been set to 0. This is because the parameter defaulting only happens if it doesn’t find any SERVOx_FUNCTION values that have been set to “33”.
  • set SERVO1_FUNCTION = 33 (again)
  • armed and took off and found MAIN OUT 1 and MAIN OUT 5 pins were both providing the correct pwm. I used an external servo tester for this

So maybe you’ve hit the same issue I hit re the defaulting of the SERVOx_FUNCTION parameters. If “yes” then I can update the wiki page.


I can’t see that image for some reason. Maybe try uploading it again?