Servos out of function in 450 size heli

Hello to all of you!
I’m new here and this is my first post. I hope and wish under your support, to found a solution to my strange issue!
So, first to say that I’m not very familiar with mission planner 1.3.46 and APM2.8 for traditional heli 450 electric. and i was totally lost in many steps during the whole procedure and setup.
Fortunately, after a lot of readings Plus wrong and correct attempts, …finally i succeed to setup my heli …till the step to move my swash and servos correctly according the green bars in the software. And here it starts my issue. After lets say around 3 or 4 (heli and software) restarts, all of my servos are not moving at all. Not even a noisy sound by them or anything!! they are completely …dead! Of course i test servos directly in RX and all are working very well. Another strange thing is that whenever i move my TX sticks the green bars are following correctly my moves But servos are off!!! M.P. software gives me the error ‘RC not calibrated’ I re-do calibration lots of times but …nothing!!! Same results as described!!! The only thing i can Note, is that my PWM values for each green bar as i move my sticks, are above than the established or recommended ones. I don’t know if this has anything to do!!!
So, I’m stuck here and kindly ask any of you for your efforts and your help to continue with the rest !!! i use futaba T8FG Super as TX
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile: