Servos not working with Pixhawk

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my Pixhawk controller. I am using EMAX ES08DE servos and I can’t make them work with the Pixhawk. The servos just do not respond. I have tried both APM:Copter heli and APM:Plane firmwares but cannot get any response from the servos.

The servo rail is powered by an ESC. If I connect an ESC with a motor to the same output that I test the servos with, I can control the motor without any problems. Also, the servos work normally when connected directly to the receiver.

Is there any possibility that these servos are somehow incompatible with Pixhawk? Or what else can the problem be?



I have the same problem… but with servo TowerPro MG-995R. I connected signal cable to AUX 1 (RC 9 in Mission planner gimbal settings) and it don’t respond on PWM changes ect… When I connected directly to the receiver is working. Power for servo is directly from bec (not from pixhawk). What is a problem? :frowning:(

and this is my schema:

There needs to be a ground (dc return) connection between the BEC negative terminal and the negative (-) terminal on the Pixhawk servo output bus.

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TCIII, big thx for You! Now it’s working great :slight_smile: