Servos Not Working through Mission Planner

This is the setup I have for my thesis research: a Cube Purple running Ardupilot connected to an Airbot Mini Carrier Board. I have a power module supplying power to the board, and the passthrough has a 5V regulator powering the servo rails. The Frsky X8R is connected from SBUS to RCIN, and there are two servo wires plugged into the servo rail.

Initially, in mission planner, the servos were working fine after calibration and testing. However, currently, they are not deflecting, even though mission planner indicates that the deflection values are changing. I have another Cube Purple/Mini Carrier Board setup, and it is experiencing the same issue.

I would appreciate some guidance on troubleshooting and resolving this problem. What steps should I take to address this issue?

Have you checked if the servos are really powered-on? They get “harder” to move by hand when you energize your system?

Also tried to change ports?