Servo selection and SERVO_RATE

I’m about to order servos for my 450L and wanted to see if KST DS315MG for cyclic and DS565X for tail were good choices in your opinions.

I’ve read some discussions such as this about running 760us servos. Is there a disadvantage to running a narrow band servo with ArduCopter?

Also, coming from FBL, there is a lot of information out there on Helifreak, etc., about setting operating frequencies to match servo specs in order to prevent damage.

I believe that ArduCopter defaults to 400hz for SERVO_RATE.

Should this be lowered to prevent damage? What would be the preferred setting for this parameter? Stay below the lowest frequency spec for all of the servos (333hz in the case of the DS315MG’s)?

Thanks for any help!

default servo rate is 125Hz.

no disadvantages, I have it on my Protos 380 no iusses so far.
Just check carefully your parameters before powering everything up the first time (servo min/max/trim).

Thanks Ferrosan!..always appreciate your help.

Any reason to ever adjust it off of 125Hz, or is that a happy number for most servos?

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I guess it fits most digital servos good, from low end to high end brushless.

For analog servos, 1-2 ms at 50 pulses/s.