Servo Recommendation

Hello everyone, I have a question for Talon. I’m using EMAX ES09MD for VTail Servos. But most of them are broken. So that’s why I want to change them. Which brand and model can I use for V-Tail Servos on X-UAV Talon?

Servos are sizes in dimension classes, standard, mini, micro, nano etc, some have different pinout on the cable but that must be rare these days so they are nearly all the same, some will handle hv supply, but standard will work on 4-6v area.
There are plenty of brushless, coreless, options and speed and torque ratings to suit any application, there are a few different output spline varieties, but the arms supplied with the servo will always fit.
Just pick one that fits and isnt cheap rubbish. Even cheap servos can and do work ok but remember a failed servo can mean total loss of the plane