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Servo over CAN or RS232

(Matt) #1

Hello everyone!

I’m looking into an option to control MGL Avionics servos from Pixhawk - There are both CAN and RS232 interfaces on the servos and I’m wondering which one would be easier to implement? How much work would have to be done and where should I start? I have some experience in programming STM32 microcontrollers but I’m new in the Ardupilot world.

Different solution would be to add a second board converting PWM signals from Pixhawk into CAN/RS232. Or just go for some Volz/Pegasus servos with PWM interfaces but they are really expensive and not as robust as ones from MGL Avionics.


(Mike Boland) #2

CANbus was apparently removed from Ardupilot but is being brought back in Copter3.5.

A quick search on

(vu viet) #3

Hi Matt,
I’ve got the same problem trying to connect the Pixhawk 2 with MGL Avionics servos.
I wonder how you solved it?

Some advice would be very appreciated!

(Guy Tzoler) #4

See here:

If you will go for volz next release will support serial protocol for it…