Servo Outputs on Cube Orange doesn´t work

Hello everybody,
I have a Pixhawk Cube Orange and wanted to ask how the servo outputs are numbered correctly.
I have an octocopter, outputs 1-8 are occupied and the ESCs also work.
I want to connect different servos to the AUX Out connections.
A 5 volt power rail connection is already connected to Aux Out No. 6.
The only channel that works is No. 4. In the Solex button configuration, it is No. 11.
What is the numbering logic behind it here?
How can i activate the other servo outputs?
Thanks in advance!PixhawkOrangeCube

Read this thread it explains how u set Aux pins for PWM or Relays

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thank you very much!

Your welcome…have fun :wink:

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