SERVO Output Node

I see HWESC as a target, but can it be applied to mRo’s F303 CAN Node? I’m using an mRo Control Zero on an X8; all PWM ports are accounted for. I need to drive a WS2812 LED ring. What’s available w/o making code changes that can accomplish this? Frankly, is there an AP_Periph node type to drive an ESC, or some other function that are assignable to a Servo port? A SERVO node? Thanks.

Hi David,

I don’t think AP_Periph supports ESC or servo feedback yet, but I think they’d like to add that functionality in the future: AP_Periph 1.0.0 stable released. Hope this helps!

I’ve worked with @tridge and @MagicRuB on AP_Periph already. That HWESC target appears to support ESC telemetry.

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