Servo Output locked on GPIO

I’m using an old APM 2.8.0 for my MPX Easystar, during configuration with latest version of MP I’m not able to using all servos because is locked on GPIO value.
In the Servo Output tab is not possibile to change the value.
I try an old version of MP and now the Servo Output value is DISABLED.
Can anyone help me to solve this problem and use the servos?
Thanks in advance


Sorry but didn’t catch what exactly your issue is. Would be great if few screen shot can be attached.

I have the same issue. I’m using APM and trying to set it up in Ardupilot.
The servos options are grayed-out/ locked.
When you go to Setup>> Mandatory Hardware >> Servo Output - All functions are locked and I cant find out why ?
How do I change it? Other options as well but for the moment Im concerned about the ones above.

Thanks in advance.

ardupilot 3.2 is not supported in any way, if you want to change settings it can only be done manually from the all parameters page.

As @geofrancis says the parameters you are looking for don’t even exist in today’s Mission Planner. They are greyed out because they are not there… Replace it with a modern Flight Controller.