Servo output How to determine which channel is Throttle

I just started with the hobby. But i am facing a problem with servo output in missionplanner.
I have a FlSky fs-i6 radio and Pixhawk 2.4.8. In missionplanner at radio calibration all the channels change when I move the sticks on my radio aswell the throttle. But when I go to servo output nothing happens when function throttle is selected. When I select RCin3 the servo output does change. My question is how to get throttle moving asswel because I need this to let my rover drive autonomous.

After this want to make the steering doing skid steering so left and right throttle need to be used. Can somebody someone explain how to program this in missionplanner?

funny so should be trying to do this. I just went through this. I have been fly multi rotors up to this point and thought I would give rover a try.

Got it all together but could not get the throttle to work. Then I found this page about arming the rover: Arming / Disarming — Rover documentation (

With a drone you push both throttle and pitch/roll into the center.


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Thank you a lot! It worked for me! Now i have the problem that with skid steering the rightthrottle of the skid steering increases way more when giving throttle then the leftthrottle. Without using the steering stick (right one). Do you know where this is comming from?

It is not uncommon for the left and right motors or servos (not sure what you have) to not match perfectly. You compensate for the difference by adjusting the servo Min, Max and maybe Trim on the Servo Output screen that you show above.

Please see Manual mode do not drive straight - ArduRover / Rover 3.5 - ArduPilot Discourse for potential help.

I have noticed that even after this procedure, I still may have a pull to one side, or see that in pivot turns only one wheel will turn rather than one turning forward and the other backward. I have been able to simply tweak the Trim a bit and fix that.

@Yuri_Rage shows a similar, but much more sophisticated process in this video.

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