SERVO output extreme in self-leveling flight modes

I have built a new plane and set it up with an Pixhawk 4 and ArduPlane 3.9.5.
I set up my new plane and calibrated all RC inputs. All servos are set up correctly as well. So when I move the sticks of my transmitter in manual mode, everything works normal (if I put my roll stick half to the right, the aileron servos move roughly half their way).
But if I change to FBWA and move my roll stick not even half way, the aileron servos are at their maximum. When I look at the SERVO Output tab in MP, it shows the same pattern.
Is this really normal that apm responses so extreme?

Thank you for your help.2019-05-25 16-48-05.tlog (146.3 KB)

Tip the plane and you will see the servos reduce their deflection. The amount of deflection depends on your P-Gains and airspeed.

Thanks for the info. You were right!