Servo Output configuration for Rover

Hi to all.
I have a 4 wheel rover with dual motor controllers.
Each motor controller is connected to a L and R wheel.
Motor controller 1 is for frontt left and right.
Motor controller 2 is for rear left and right

Controllers have been programmed to communicate with each other via CAN.
PWM signal is sent to go forward and reverse from RC channel 1 and left right from RC channel 3.

The controllers name these as four wheel motor forward and reverse (rc1) and motor speed difference (rc3).

In Mission planner under servo outputs, I can test motor C and D, but they dont respond as expected.
Servo1 is set to ThrottleLeft and Servo 3 set to ThrottleRight.

Motor test C, all 4 motors go forward
Motor test D rover turns to the right.

Not sure how to proceed to correct this.


if possible connect the left wheels to one controller and the right wheels the other and set the controllers to output the same PWM signal to both wheels. No CAN interconnection needed. If you activate mixing on the controllers, like you have now, Ardurover has to be setup with groundsteering and throttle and will not know that it operates a skid steering vehicle.

So by making those changes on motor controllers, one for left motors and one for right, in MP set up the rover as ground steering?

Leave the outputs set to “throttle left” and “throttle right” and change the hardware configuration to left wheels > one controller, right wheels > the other controller. Also disable mixing in the controllers, so both controller outputs react to one controller input if possible. If your motor controllers do not allow to do this, deactivate the mixer and set Ardurover outputs 1 and 2 to throttle left, outputs 3 and 4 to throttle right. Then connect 4 (2 per controller) cables between the autopilot and the controllers.

Will give a try tomorrow as some rewiring will need to be done.

Hi, the below worked as you have explained.

Is there a way to set how the rover turns when reversing?
When facing the rear and you want to reverse towards the left, the right wheels go forward and left in reverse. Is it possible to change this, or just something I need to get used to since its a skid steer?

Yes, you can change the reversing behaviour with the “Pilot_Steer_Type” parameter. It should be set to “0” by default.
Setting it to “2” or"3" should do what you want. I can not remember what does what right now. Just try it.

Excellent. Will give it a try and report back.

Pilot_Steer_Type 2 did the trick. Thank you.