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servo or throttle, only one works at a time.


I’m using L298N motor driver for dc motor and a steering servo. I’ve loaded Rover 3.4.2 in Pixhawk 2.1.

When I set MOT_PWM_TYPE parameter to 0(normal) and on arming the steering servo responds to radio input but not the throttle.

Now when I set this parameter to 4(brushed bipolar) or 3(brushed with relay) with same connections, the motor works fine but servo doesn’t respond.

Overall, steering or throttle only one works at a time.

Please can anyone help me fix this issue?

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this may or may not be possible on master, the first thing to do it to make sure both outputs are not in the same group.


Thanks for quick reply.

Since steering is on 1 and throttle on 3rd pin I think they are already in different group.
Are there any parameters which are related to this issue.

only MOT_PWM_TYPE, you could try one on main one on aux, but i think you may be out of luck.

@rmackay9 maybe you can advise

@iampete, thanks for the ping.

So there’s a normal servo that accepts a PWM input connected to the flight controller’s output channel 1 and a L298N connected to output 3? I think it’s quite possible that channels 1 and 3 are in the same output group. I think maybe moving steering to output channel 5 (or higher) may allow it to work.

Thanks for reply Randy and Peter.
It solved the issue.

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