Servo movement does not transfer thru pixhawK.!

Pixhawk servo movement does not transfer thru pixhawK.! I appreciate any help or advice.
Thank you

Well what exactly are you trying to do? And with what hardware?

I have just initially connected up my new Pixhawk while in mission planner. The movements are all correct
in the mission planner but the servos do not move or work after being plugged into the Pixhawk The main out pins 1 2 3 4 and 5. There is something I am just missing. I am new at this Pixhawk.
Thank you

Exactly what hardware, including radios. Be specific. Exactly what isn’t working? How do you have things powered?

There is also no connection when I disconnect from mission Planner and move outside.

I bought a new purple radiomaster TX16S. I have tried binding this TX16S to Futaba R2008SB receivers, R2006GS receivers,
ORX orange RX receivers, Three different models. of the orange. Radiomaster R88, a 8 channel receiver, Frsky S8R,a X8R receiver,
V8FR-2 Frsky. Fly Sky FS-iAi10B, and about 6 other Frsky receivers. Now most of these above mentioned receivers I have binded to

and used for the last 20+ years without any trouble binding.

I have spent over 32 hours trying to bind any and all of the above mentioned receivers to the Purple TX16S Radiomaster without any luck.
This time has included watching every binding youtube Channel multiple times with my grandchildren and friends doing everything they demonstrated. I now think this purple TX16S is defective from the factory. I have ordered another new TX16S that is supposed to arrive the 21 of the month. Then I will shortly know if the first TX16S radio is defective, or my ignorance in trying to bind the receivers. Usually it does not take more than a minute or two to bind to the receivers.
I was disappointed in how quick JB just brushed me off ! I was hoping he would know something obvious, with all his experience. After the new TX16 arrives, I will try all this again. Then I will know if I am the problem, or if the first radio is defective from the factory. In time your help and advice might really be needed, if I am the problem. ( I have been the problem before in my ignorance.) And my father use to tell me I was too ignorant to be insulted. I do appreciate and thank you.

Ok, it sounds like you’ve narrowed the issue to the radio, and it’s unfortunate that your brand new hardware seems problematic. Which model TX16S did you buy? There are several with various protocols, so it may just be that your transmitter is incompatible.

What kind of pixhawk exactly are you using? Some of them don’t power the servo rail so you need to add your own 5v supply to the servo rail.

the model is TX16S MK-2 ELRS. I bought R88 Radiomaster receiver which would not bind. Which receiver should I buy.

I was under the impression this TX16S Mark-2 should bind to most receivers. I guess I am wrong
Please let me know what model receiver to try. Thank you so very much.

Well, you have an ExpressLRS radio, and I don’t see any ExpressLRS receivers in your list, so I’d guess that’s the issue. It has a module bay where you can install a module that is compatible with any number of other protocols.

I bought the radiomaster ranger 1 watt module when i purchased the Tr16S Mark-2. I did not pick up on the fact I needed Express LRS receivers. Is that really the way it is! You tube demonstrated many different receiver being bind, but none of them ExpressLRS…

You are absolutely correct, I had no Express LRS receivers, Just radiomaster receivers. SO I just purchased a couple of ExpressLRS receivers off Amzon. They are very low cost compared to other brands. I believe you solved the problem. I knew all my other brand transmitters needed matching receivers. I did not realize I needed ExpressLRS receivers. What little I know in my old age. I will get back with you when things are working. Thank you

There is another TX-16S model with a multi-protocol internal module. You can install a similar external module into the ELRS version.

I believe you have helped me solve the problem… As I looked at youtube videos I would see people binding the exact same receivers I was trying to bind. Not knowing I had a ELRS radio and knowing nothing about ELRS. And thinking ELRS was a software which just needed to be added if you wanted to. I appreciate your time and help. Please let me know what I owe you for your time and send me mailing information to send a check. I thank you.
You are a blessing for an old fool.

Only information I can see is RadioLink Firmware: fmuv3 and Hardware: 2.4.8
Seems to be the standard one selling for $145. I had already tried 5 volts on the servo rail.
I appreciate your help and ideas. Thank you very much.

Arduplane by default won’t drive the outputs unless the system is armed. You can adjust this by setting BRD_SAFETY_MASK to allow outputs to control surfaces without arming. For example, I often turn on my ailerons, elevator, rudder, etc through this setting so I can test them and do control checks on the ground before takeoff. Note that this will not turn on the throttle channel. Throttle will only work by arming the plane.

This is my first experience with pixhawk. I bought two of the 145 dollar 2.4.8 units. I have spent several weeks trying to get one of the pixhawk to give me a out put to servos.
I have tried putting 5 volts servo panel.

I read thru the BRD safety mast several times that you directed me to. AT 75 years old i am just not very sharp anymore. I have gotten pretty good about downloading stuff.

there use to be an airplane which flew around the simulator. Lost that plane. Do you know how I could get the simulator plane back? I have tried deleting everything several times, and reloading.
Didnt help.

I do appreciate your help.!