Servo disabled(APM 2.8)

Just got my APM 2.8 configured for a fixed wing,
however I’m unable to get my servo to their maximum throw I get a less amount of deflection,
I get servo disabled under servo calibration how can I fix this please help out

I had the same problem. our FCs aren’t technically supported by the latest versions of mission planner, so you have to fight with it a little. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far.

The APM 2.8s are hard wired to use the A, E, T, R (Ch 1: Aileron, Ch 2: Elevator, Ch 3: Throttle, Ch 4 Rudder) control mapping. Channels 5-8 can be set up though the full parameters list for a number of functions, but you need to search for the right function codes to define the right operations. For example, I set up channels 5 & 6 to be flaperons, so I had to use codes 24 & 25 in the parameters list.

To fix the neutral point and throws, I had to go to the parameters list again and set the min, max, and neutral of each channel. Just be careful. The newer versions of Mission Planner seem to reset these every time you do a Tx calibration. I still need to do my maiden flight and I’m a little nervous about whether the trim values will be set properly once I perform my auto-tune, so I’m going to be ready to switch back to manual control if the plane starts to do anything weird.