SERIAL 5 pinout on Pixhawk 2.1

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From what I have read it would seem that since 3.5.4 we can now connect serial devices to the SERIAL 5 port, which would seem to be the 3 pin console header (labelled CONS) on a standard carrier board (which is great as I have used all of the others up!).

I am thinking of connecting up my micasense rededge to this port in order to give it GPS and heading data but I can’t seem to find the pin layout for this three pin connector (this mentions it but does not go into the specifics of the pin layour as far as I can see) … could someone could point me in the correct direction so I don’t plug things in the wrong way and end up stuffing an expensive sensor :slight_smile:



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From the datasheet:

So looking at the Cube from above with the PWM port to the left, from left to right, the pinout is:

The voltage level of those pins (also from datasheet):

I think the pinout of Serial 5 + S.Bus should be added to this document for completeness sake.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks LuckyBird, just what I was looking for!

Tested the rededge today and all working well using its own GPS/Compass, so next step is to get it working via serial 5 :slight_smile:



I am using serial 5 on cons to feed telemetry data to my frsky rx. Once every 4-5 power on i get a locked up controller and need to reboot.

Looking forward to see if you experience a similar prob.


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I will letyou know once I try it, probably wont be for a little while though as leaving it in its current configuration for now until I get my Emlid Reach module (will then need the space for extra gps antenna).



On newer version do you still get the lock ups?

Just to make sure if someone with ADS-B carrier board reads this thread:
SERIAL5 is not avialable on these boards (used for ADS-B communication).