Septentrio GNSS support for ArduRover

I’m looking into GPS systems that use dual antenna setups for heading data. It’s for use on a USV to avoid potential interference issues with magnetometers.

I’m currently between Blicube and Septentrio as the top options, but I’m a bit underinformed on Ardupilot support for Septentrio. Their documentation specifies to download a custom firmware version, but is this necessary? Blicube looks like a very straightforward setup, but if there’s anything I should know going that direction I would appreciate hearing it.
Also, if anyone has a setup using one of Septentrio’s AsteRx series and/or the Mosaic series I’d love to know how you put it together and got it configured.


Septentrio has native support in AP, GPS type should be set to 10 (SBF)

Perfect. Thanks for the info.
So then to setup heading would be just setting the Yaw Source parameter?

See here:

ArduPilot simpleRTK3B Heading configuration - ArduSimple

The SimpleRTK3B+Heading board, while a bit expensive, is very easy to set up and works well.

Pricey for sure, but the mosaic-H is a pretty sweet module.
Thanks for the resource!