Sensative throttle and pid tuning?

These are probably two different topics but I thought its easier to post together.

  1. The video was my first take off with a Pixhawk mini drone. I put my throttle stick at about 5-10% and its going much higher than what my regular drone with a more aggressive pitch would hover at. The only way to let it down was to cut the throttle and let it fall:sweat_smile:

how should I solve this issue? would limiting the throttle at maybe 60% and making the throttle on a curve help?

  1. In the video, you can see there are also some major oscillations. I have some betaflights for a similarly built drone but I realize that it’s in different measurements or conversions? Is there a logical way of converting from one to another or do I have to start manual tuning this one again?

Does anyone have some common 5’’ quad tunes that will be decent enough to fly around?