Sending mavlink messages to be displayed in OSD

For the past few months I have been working on communicating with arduplane 4.3.7 on a matekH743 wing with an Arduino through MAVLINK.
I have posted a few times asking for help from the community and have gotten great help.

Lately I have been trying to send a text message via MAVLINK with MAVLINK_MSG_STATUSTEXT.
I have successfuly send a text message and saw it in missionPlanner.
I thought the text would show up on the OSD (as it is showing mavlink messages) however it does not.
Does anybody know what filter is used to deiced what messages show up on the OSD?

A question for the dev’s or anyone who knows ardupilot really well.
When I do a flight and the Arduino is communicating with the matek if I fly not to far it works perfectly.
When I fly in a distance where I think I lose radio for a very short mpoment (not fast enough for a short FS) I have seen the mavlink/arduino crash.
For example I am writing to an SD "roll: " and the value of roll “X.XX”.
After landing I use an emergency interrupt to stop and save the SD (the normal stop and save logic does not work, seems stuck).
What I see is the that the word “roll” is cut in half and I see jibrish untill it stops and i only see an input of “test” as an another interrupt writing to the SD.
What could be the problem?