Send_text does not always send text?

I’ve been trying to send debug messages to Mission Planner (Message page) using send_text but it seems that the text does not always get displayed (not sure if pixhawk / ardupilot does not send it or Mission Planner doesn’t display it).

Anyway, is there a reliable way to send debug messages from the pixhawk to a computer? (assuming I am only connected to the pixhawk via the usb on the Cube)

I have similar issue with send_text , but in my case I have a video link with minimOSD attached.
I have an action bind to RC switch, so every time I click switch - new short text message is sent.
And see a message in only about 50% of cases.

Currently, my most reliable way of debugging is sending notifications which play a sound on the buzzer

e.g. AP_Notify::events.user_mode_change = true;

not the most ideal / flexible, but works for now