Send battery message from companion computer to GCS through Pixhawk

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum, please let me know if this post belongs to other category.

Here’s the drone system I have: GCS(MP) <-> autopilot(Pixhawk) <-> companion computer (Linux-based)

The companion computer (Linux-based) has a UPS system attached with a second battery (other than the main one on the drone). I tried to send the current and voltage info to the MP through Pixhawk by using the Battery2/BATTERY_STATUS MAVLink message. (For now, we do not want to pursue the analog pins option.) I would expect the message being routed to the GCS from Pixhawk, since it’s not a targeted message. However, I could not see the battery info on the MP, even with trying different battery monitor options.

Please shed some light on this problem for us.
Thank you.