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Send battery message from companion computer to GCS through Pixhawk

(Kevin) #1

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum, please let me know if this post belongs to other category.

Here’s the drone system I have: GCS(MP) <-> autopilot(Pixhawk) <-> companion computer (Linux-based)

The companion computer (Linux-based) has a UPS system attached with a second battery (other than the main one on the drone). I tried to send the current and voltage info to the MP through Pixhawk by using the Battery2/BATTERY_STATUS MAVLink message. (For now, we do not want to pursue the analog pins option.) I would expect the message being routed to the GCS from Pixhawk, since it’s not a targeted message. However, I could not see the battery info on the MP, even with trying different battery monitor options.

Please shed some light on this problem for us.
Thank you.