Selecting Components for a Payload-Carrying Quad

I want to know how to choose the prop size, motor kv, frame size, and ESCs when building a new quad or hexacopter. I have no idea how to select these components, like if I want to create a copter capable of carrying a 2 kg payload. Can someone please guide standard configurations or any other relevant information?

and also I want to be an expert In the field of UAV so can anyone prefer some links, books, or anything else.

huge thanks in advance…

Phantom 2312 920KV motor powered by 4S battery driving a Phantom 9450 prop will give you about 0.9 KG of thrust.
If you want a hex - here you go, 5.4 KG of thrust. Now minus battery (heaviest by far), minus frame, minus electronics… Also you’d want to have a decent enough margin of thrust available (as in, you don’t want to just stay in the air at 100% thrust, you’d want to be at least mid range).

Buy “eCalc Multi” software for 2 Euros. It will let you try multiple component combinations.
But do therse things:

  1. Get ESCs with Telemetry.
  2. Get a uBlox F9p GNSS receiver with a Helical antenna.
  3. Get a voltage and current monitor
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Thanks a lot for your time