Second range finder

I would like to install a second sonar that will be used only as a reference during flight to stay at a certain distance from a wall during a job. Do i just install it as a second sonar and use it? How do i make sure it isn’t used by EKF?




Set the RNGFNDx_ORIENT parameter to the appropriate direction (i.e. not “25” for downwards). Actually the EKF very rarely uses the range finder… and in most cases the EKF’s parameters should not be changed to make it use the range finder because this is very rarely what the user actually wants. Most users want to do terrain following which does not involve the EKF.

the lidar will point to the side at an angle. Angle is not always the same because the “wall” we need to measure is not always at same angle.
I just need to make sure the second rangefinder is picked up and sent to MP but not used for any attitude correction.

From what I understand the advice I’ve given above should work…

Will try, thank you.


Sir can you tell me how to add RPlidar A1 in pixhawk 2.4.8 ?